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Demonstrating effect of fungicide application, seeding rate on disease levels in field peas, lentils
The objective of this project is to demonstrate the effect seeding rate and fungicide application have on field peas and lentils. While higher seeding rates have the potential to increase yield and weed competition, a denser crop canopy may increase incidence of disease. The benefit of fungicide application may differ depending on the density of the crop canopy.

Demonstration of Forage Corn Varieties
This demonstration is designed to simply provide an opportunity for producers to observe the newest releases and evaluate how they grow in the Prince Albert region and to make production decisions.

Effect of Fungicide Application Timing on Leaf Disease, Fusarium Head Blight Infection Levels- Wheat
The objective of this project is to demonstrate the effects of fungicide timing on leaf spot diseases and fusarium head blight on spring wheat. A second objective is to demonstrate the benefits of planting cultivars with improved disease resistance.

Effect of fungicide choice and Varietal Selection on the Development of Sclerotinia in Canola
Sclerotinia stem rot has been one of the most significant diseases affecting canola in Saskatchewan over the past 25 years. An important factor for disease development is environmental conditions. Fungicide application is important for controlling and reducing the spread of the disease. Two different fungicides and four different canola varieties will be compared.

Effects of Seed Treatments and Foliar Fungicide Timing
The objective is to compare two different seed treatments along with varied dates for fungicide applications.

Maximizing Yields and Net Returns Through Nitrogen Fertilization on Canola
Project Objectives:
  • To determine the N fertilization rate that provides the ability of high yielding canola to reach its genetic potential
  • To determine the N fertilization rate that provides the producer with maximum net returns through a cost/benefit analysis.
This project will demonstrate the level of N fertiliization that provides the highest yield and maximum net returns for high yielding canola varities.

Optimal Seeding Rate for Spring Wheat
The objective of this demonstration is to provide information on the yield benefits associated with increasing seeding rate in spring wheat.

Optimum Timing of Weed Control in Field Pea and Lentil
The objectives are:
  1. To provide information on weed control options in field pea and lentil, and
  2. To compare the effect of herbicide application timing on field pea yield.

Straight Combining Canola Small Plot Demonstration
The objective is to demonstrate the risks and benefits to straight combining canola using small plot equipment compared with swathing followed by combining. A secondary objective is to develop an extended understanding of the issues surrounding adoption of this technology so we can develop a protocol for an advanced demonstration using full scale field equipment in 2014.
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