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The Saskatchewan Conservation Learning Centre Inc. (CLC) researches and demonstrates land management techniques which focus on the optimum utilization of the landscape for annual crops, forage and agroforestry production; employ appropriate soil and water conservation techniques and facilitate wildlife habitat enhancement.


To provide information to farmers, public school students, researchers, extension workers and the urban public in the parkland area of Saskatchewan. The CLC will also facilitate interrelationships with all those interested in the objectives of the CLC including the agriculture and agroforestry industry, policy makers and the media.



  1. To increase the awareness of farmers as to the importance of land management systems which include both economic and environmental stewardship. To be a leader in identifying and demonstrating agricultural practices that emphasize sustainability. To have farmers adopt these practices on their own farms.
  2. To increase awareness of the interaction of agriculture and the environment among public school students.
  3. To have the urban public become more aware of how farmers practice stewardship on their farms. To have the urban public become aware of how agriculture and wildlife can co-exist. To have them understand the role and importance of the agriculture supply industry in food production.
  4. To provide researchers with a location to expand their plot research to field scale and/or landscape research. This will enable them to learn about and investigate applied research techniques, other research projects, new research needs and the role of industry in the agri-food sector.
  5. To encourage the corporate sector and interested organizations to promote sustainable agriculture practices. To provide a site where researchers, industry farmers, agroforesters, technology transfer personnel and the public can be brought together at one location.


Saskatchewan Conservation Learning Centre
PO Box 1903
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 6J9

See the map for directions.

Phone: (306) 960-1834
Fax: (306) 765-2844
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